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Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin, ‘Global Intifadah? September 11th and the Struggle Within Islam’, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2002, pp. 203-216.


By externalising the significant ‘other’ as representation
of an imagined enemy, the West against the rest dichotomy is not very
different from the mental disposition behind the dar al-Islam (house of Islam,
forces of good) dar al-harb (forces of evil) distinction espoused by both Arab
nationalists and ‘Islamic’ fundamentalist movements. Both positions, Islam vs.
infidels and West vs. the rest, are intended to enforce categories and draw strict
boundaries between supposedly incompatible worldviews.


In an essay published in the aftermath of September 11th,
Keohane argues that
Most problematic are the assumptions in international relations theory about the
roles played by states. There has been too much ‘international relations,’ and too
little ‘world politics,’ not only in work on security but also in much work on international institutions.
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