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Lately thinking about you

no matter what situation we are going through,
we are never alone. i know it for sure. and im always on your side.
besides, theres no burden which we cannot bear
i quote someone said, also brookers said 'every single thing in your life happens for reason'

don't know whether you are looking at this blog right now but anyways thats the thing i really wanted to say. even you read this, maybe you dont notice that im actually talking to you. there are so many ways to tell you about this..by writing on the wall, sending an email..but i won't.
because i dont want to make any fake sympathies or fake words.
i can imagine, because i went through the similar situation couple of years ago, that what people really truly need at those moment is not the emotional stuff, not the meaningless encouragement but the feeling that someone would always be there. and the feeling that most important solid things in our lives never change even though they change their form or shape. i still remember what i felt toward people who showed some sympathy. i wanted to tell them that 'you can show your sympathy so easily, that actually means you can treat other's feeling and situation too casually.' They never understand until they experience the same. but yeah of course there were many people who were truly caring. i could tell who were and who weren't. so i just hope, this time, i want to be one of the former.
also i dont want to 'send' anything directly without knowing your feeling or your situation correctly. that's the ignorance, selfcentred action, which i definitely want to avoid. so i just express what i have in my mind 'here'.
well this was written particularly for one of my friend but i would also like to say this to all of you including who i know and who i don't know. now im certainly thinking about all of you...

by congeniality | 2007-05-20 12:17 | Thinking about...
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